Other Services

With the depth of property experience within our firm, we are able to advise on a diverse range of areas within the property spectrum including:

-  Energy (and nuclear related projects)

-  Construction

-  Planning and Planning Agreements

-  Property finance

-  Development (including Option Agreements, Overage and Conditional Contracts)

-  Hoarding Agreements

Other areas where we frequently advise clients include:

Commercial/CorporateTrusts, Wills and Power of AttorneyPersonal Injury and Matrimonial.

Not all problems fit neatly into any one box.  Where we are able to do so, we will try our best to assist you and if not, we will normally be able to put you into contact with somebody who can help.  We are always happy when clients can benefit from our strong connections within specific industry sectors and also within the Manchester area.

If you feel we may be able to help feel free to contact us.